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Travel so far Descriptions




UoM (University of Macedonia)

The day we planted the seed.  The University of Macedonia entrepreneurship competition. Then the forerunner of Turnand (aka Flip ‘n Joy).  A PowerPoint presentation fueled by the passion of a bearded student in track pants.


TIF (Thessaloniki International Fair)

Turnand in its infancy. First public appearance used as a medium to gauge the popularity of the project and better define our end users’ traits. A banner, an alpha prototype, three co-founders amidst their mid-terms, and a whole week of interacting with people.


ICIB (International Conference for International Business)

Where Business Meets the World. “ICIB aims to bring together academics and practitioners.” A hardware-driven start-up, led by university students/aspiring entrepreneurs fits right in the middle. Valuable feedback can be found in the least expected of places.


Start-up Weekend, Volos

Turnand’s first road trip. An intense three day marathon spanning from early get out of bed coffee to late night parties, insufficient sleep cycles and presentations (of course). We tossed our project on the table and let it get crunched by other aspiring entrepreneurs.



Our two and a half week long trip to Hong Kong, Mainland China and back again. Wanting to make sure that we will be able to deliver a top notch product we set out to meet our manufacturers, visit exhibitions and get a feel of the market. 



Once we were an up and going business with confidence building up, we were ready to take it out to the local startup ecosystem. This time pitching in front of professionals from various fields.


ACT (American College of Thessaloniki)

Our second take on the business plan competition held by the prestigious American College of Thessaloniki and John Papajohn foundation. This time with a βeta prototype in hand. Winning the competition provided us with funds on top of access to a pool of mentors to further boost our growth.



Droidcon is an Android conference focusing around business and development in the android ecosystem. Powered by Google for Entrepreneurs and featuring Turnand. We took it all the way to the developers. The most demanding and quirky of our end users to help us refine even the tiniest of details.


Startify-7 Bootcamp

Startify-7 is a Horizon 2020 project from the European Commission aimed at training young future ICT entrepreneurs in Europe. We made it to the finals in Brussels! Along with 45 brilliant people, all from different countries and cultures around the world. An unparalleled experience backed by a diverse pool of investors, mentors and academics.


Youth Today by AIESEC

An initiative by AIESEC in an attempt to bring together students and local businesses. An interactive conference best described by its vibrant participants. Turnand’s take on the matter on how to set-up and run a global scale business even from Thessaloniki.


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