Turnand Peripherals - What's this Startup's Vision for Mobile Case?

Turnand’s ambition is to design a smartphone case for the visually impaired, which will allow them to better use their mobile devices by simulating the braille font. When it all started back in 2015, in an initial attempt to develop said product, we came to realize that we lacked critical components like manufacturing & branding know-how. Consequently, our approach had to change.


Therefore we decided to develop a simpler application of the technology to be used as a testbed. And in that way, "ProjectPlay™” was born the smartphone case that turns your device into a handheld gaming console.

But first, let’s clarify some key points.

●     What’s our vision for mobile gaming and our product in general?

We want to spread good vibes and unite people through mobile gaming. And the way we will achieve it, is by promoting the importance of mental health, social skills in general and how gaming contributes to those based on scientific researches.


About our product: ProjectPlay™ is a smartphone case that in addition to offering protection, integrates physical buttons and gives users the ability to turn their phone into a handheld gaming console, bringing back to them enjoyable button smashing gaming. During their daily activities, the users can have the case fitted on the back of the device (as they normally would) and then, with a simple flip to the front of the device and the launch of an app, they can start gaming.


The uniqueness is its versatility and simplicity. The product itself is slim, light and discreet, just like using an ordinary smartphone case. And in order to render the product as accessible as possible ProjectPlay™ functions without the use of connectors (i.e. Bluetooth, cables), batteries and mechanical/electronic parts. Resulting in a product so simple to use, that renders needless an instruction manual.


So, after a prototyping phase that lasted almost two years and after testing 8 different design variations we are proud to have the final pre-production prototype of this revolutionary smartphone case in our hands. In order to secure funding for our mass production operations and make this product widely available, we are planning to launch an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

●     What actually means Turnand Peripherals?

The name consists of three words. “Turn-and Peripherals”.  Turnand, because in order to transform your smartphone into a gaming machine, you need to “turn” the case “and” place it on the screen. Peripherals, because we love smart and unique peripherals. So, we decided to make our own.  

turnand friends

●     What’s our message?

Here, today, we are the analog minds in digital times. And to us, this message is so relevant now, because we are living in times that everything consists touchscreens and we have forgotten the sense of pressing actual buttons, like crazy.

It also brings back happy and carefree memories of 90’s fun. Where pressing or smashing buttons, was tangible and the “fights” with our best friends about who will get the biggest score was so entertaining!

If you are a 90’s fun or at least feel like a kid, be prepared to epic throwbacks! Also, we will provide you with some useful tips or hacks both about mental health and smartphones.

Here, you can find more about us.

Available for all models of iPhone 7 and all the Samsung Galaxy 7

Available for all models of iPhone 7 and all the Samsung Galaxy 7

We want to build a strong network of mobile gamers and retro lovers, in order to revive 90’s fun and entertainment. Do you want to be part of it?


Turnand Peripherals