Product Design

Below you can check out how we designed ProjectPlay to be the best phone gaming controller around. It is a smartphone case packed with features designed to make your life easier.  





Feature I

For optimal protection, the design incorporates a rubber bumper that snuggles around your smartphone absorbing  impact damage. Further supplementing your smartphone's safeguarding are the buttons which are also made of durable rubber and help keep your phone safe in the event of a drop.


Feature II

Having a simple and unobtrusive design is paramount. Therefore, the buttons have been designed to be as low profile possible without compromising on your clicky gaming experience. In addition to that we kept your smartphone’s side buttons accessible even when the case is fitted on the front of your device.




Feature III

Attention to detail is what makes products remarkable. ProjectPlay is designed to allow access to important functions while gaming. Among others, charging, having your earphones plugged in, answering calls, and even a built in housing for your home button to prevent accidental clicks.

From Sketch to Beta


Behind the scenes info on scaling a hardware project, from a childhood dream, to a rough sketch, an ugly wireframe, an appealing to the eyes case and eventually a final βeta able to enter crowdfunding and then be mass produced. But first things first, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stavros and I have been in charge of product development. I have had the pleasure of being the first person to toy around with a new product, and I also had the cursed task of having to build it. This is no HOW TO guide, but rather a personal view of the project. But to roll back a little…


Starting with a basic concept, “building the most accessible smartphone gaming controller” we had a very basic design in mind. Utilizing your ordinary smartphone case design, leveraging it by slapping some buttons onto it, dressing it with some awesomeness and… voila! Right? And off we went, initial design, drawn out of a simple wireframe on a piece of paper. And using this magic thing called 3D printing we managed to conduct what we call rapid prototyping in our own back yard. So there we had it, our Alpha prototype and the first step in the right direction.