What’s on your mind | Day before

happy entrepreneur turnand

After an intense three day startup weekend that ranged from networking and brainstorming to late night parties, insufficient sleep cycles and sharing a single bed with my blanket-grabbing co-founder I find myself on the return bus home, only to pack my bags, grab a bite and head out to the airport. In a few hours from now I will be taking a step that’s going to leave its footprint on the lives of others. We always talk of moving forward, some of us do, some don’t;and it’s funny how day by day nothing significant changes but looking back in time you can connect the dots and stare in awe of your growth.Well this isn’t one of those times. In this two week trip where every action has the potential to kickstart an avalanche you cannot help yourself but go into overdrive, step out of your comfort zone, move mountains and make magic happen. It doesn’t even occur to me, in the slightest bit, that in fact we, as a team, are traveling to the other side of the globe, reaching a land we only occasionally hear about in the news,  experiencing a unique culturethat’s nothing like anything familiar . Am I excited? Yes. But what is even more overwhelming right now and overshadows everything else is the feeling that this is one of our most significant initial steps as a company and aspiring entrepreneurs that had the grit and willpower to refuse a predestined fateand instead set out to build their own future, their life as the had envisioned it ten years ahead, realizing that in order to get there, you need to start building the day before. It doesn’t matter what tools you can employ, the key factor is persistency, once you master that, you’ll create your tools out of thin air, inspiring people to move over to your chessboard and assist you in spearheading your strategy. So here’s to the start of something legen – wait for it – daring!

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