Here we go again! Day Eight

Our time in Guangzhou is up! And back to Hong Kong we go! I’m just worried about the whole hustle again. But hey, a man’s gotta do what a mans gotta do. Our time here was short lived and adventurous, I bet I’ll look back to this in a few months or years time and smile.


Waking uptoday I sorted out all ofmystuff,cleaned up all the flyers and business cards I got from the fair and now I’m sitting out I the balcony taking in as much smog as I can because once I get back to Europe
there’s only clean air. But hey, a whole lot of things happened yesterday, so let’s roll back to that, shall we?! Being the typical me, after the morning shower I headed off to the fair, finished up with the last areas I had to check and then strolled around to data mine the place a bit. As long as you stay within the fair buildings it’s bearable, once you go outside you go sweaty pig that just walked up the stairs mode. So trying to keep it minimal, I took a seat at the startup launch pad; yeah they got that too. Thing is, while the Asian startup scene isn’t that widely spread, it gets to be a whole lot different, and I’ll explain why. See, as I aforementioned there’s a lack of some western services in China, but they got the Chinese variant of that, so when it comes to software, their perspective is way different from what we think. Then again when it comes to hardware, there is no limit to their capabilities. But what I really think they lack, is competitiveness. Get this, China is the worlds biggest market, so a startup here doesn’t really have to expand to other countries fast, and with foreign competition kept at bay by cultural differences, the way is open. WeChat pretty much does everything for you nowadays, taxi, payment, chat, trading, entertainment guide, you name it! And when such companies want to expand, it’s way easier for them to penetrate western markets, with all the tools existing and all, than it is for western companies to penetrate Asia. But enough of that. Finishing up with the fair I came back to the apartment took a rest and by night time I was a bit worrisome. Last night in mainland… Hmm… Fuck it! Hopped on a cab and headed downtown to the bars! Fast forward a few drinks, lying against my pillow, I’d swear the apartment seemed to be twisting. BUT HEY! It’s a miracle, for the first time since I got off the plane I can see a bit of blue sky! Hold on gonna get my sunglasses! More coming soon!

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