Walking among the Titans | Day Five

Today was a special day. Not for an unusual reason, but for one that I just can’t stress enough, my writing skills are limited, and so are pictures… You need to experience this. So, trip to Hong Kong? Highly recommended, if you can stand the Chinese stench, humidity and awful food. So let’s get cracking, hitting the road from 9am and doing a quick run of the HKTDC exhibition. That’s when I realized I’m a wreck. Waking up was fine, but just two hours in it wasn’t just my feet that were hurting, it was my bones too. But who cares right?! Well I don’t! That’s why I left the expo by noon to get you guys some awesome pictures. Some of them have already been uploaded and there’s a ton more to come! Now, the sheer size of these buildings, their geometry, textures and imposing figure… I don’t know if the fog helps but, you feel like you are starring in a science fiction film. It’s a city out of this world. You walk on the sidewalks that run around their circumference and connect each other and every few steps you get another astonishing point of view. You can’t help yourself but stop; Pull out your phone and snatch a picture of it. Following that I once more killed 20€ for the sake of a burger. If you are used to tasty food, and you plan on traveling to Hong Kong, I’ve got one word for you! Taperaki!

Turnand at Hong Kong

Google it! Problem even with their burgers is that they don’t even season the patty, it felt like I was eating and the cow was sitting right next to me. Taking a stroll back up to soho I met up with a Greek couple that runs, what else, a Greek restaurant. Not too old, not to young, people just like you and me seeking a way out. Overcoming huge obstacles like having to import most of their ingredients so they can keep putting a smile on my horseface. Last but not least, while I was walking back home I stumbled upon Mickey Mouse, or it might have been Minnie. I didn’t get close enough to check. A full sized mouse (it was as big as my…….. Oh well, no, it wasn’t that small. MY CELLPHONE, I MEANT MY CELLPHONE GUYZ!) taking a stroll down the pavement, it might be Hong Kong but it’s still China, hey, I’m amazed at how the mouse survived with this shitty food. Oh, also, remember the stench I was talking about? Remember how I described the chicken legs’s odor? That’s what smells downtown all day long. On top of it add a slight cough I seem to have inherited from the pollution and we’re just about set. Tomorrow’s going to be even more fun doe, we’re heading off to Guangzhou, mark my words, I’m gonna starve to death! Stavros for Turnand and you my beautiful readers that have the patience to go through all this gorgeous nonsense that I write for you!


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