Day… What?! | Day four

turnand exhibition

Uhm… It’s been a long ass day. Let me give you a taste of it.
Getting up at 8am just to realize that it’s raining cats and dogs. Hitting up a quick shower getting dressed and… Umbrella? Oh come on, no guy under his 30s ever uses an umbrella, that’s for the weaklings! Walking a couple of blocks to the nearest taxi queue under the rain; to be frank… It wasn’t that bad! Unless you take into account the fact that rain fucks up your glasses (fellow nerds will understand). Getting a cab to the expo center which is in Wan Chai (right in front of the harbor) and the drive is just scenic, I swear you just can’t get enough of them scrapers. Even the locals have just decided to ignore them. Spending my whole day in the expo my feet decided to give up on me, and since no upgrade is currently available I decided to grab a bite. Why didn’t I think that through? I guess I’m not that bright… Kukouuu! Surprise! All hail the chicken legs followed by steamed rice and boiled veggies. I swear it smelt worse than the armpits of what you get if you cross a camel and a dead badger. I don’t wanna even think about it! I took my chances and tries it, guess what, worse that it smelled! I dumped it, cries upon my misfortune and finished the expo. Getting home with a ton of new data and feeling exhausted I put my things in order, took a stroll downtown and after a 1 hour search I found the BLT Burger thingie. It was a “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY” moment. First time I payed 18€ for a burger followed by fries and a coke too. Final result? Eh… I’ve had better! Taking another walk back home under the… Oh yeah, note that down. It won’t stop raining; At all! It might slow down, but it won’t stop, so it turns into that annoying nerve melting bug that drives you mad and makes you get an umbrella. Equipped with my new powerful guardian I headed out for drinks! Went through Lan Kwai Fong and Soho, they’re basically the low end and mid range bars two streets apart. Though it was a bit sad cause all the locals were gone and the place was packed with tourists. Hitting up a couple of beers, chatting up with some locals and another long walk through the city center (pics will be provided) I decided I was trashed enough to go to sleep. What amazes me most about Hong Kong is the fact that that no matter where you are, low-high end, you are constantly in the hug of tall buildings that transform when night falls. The thick fog runs through the entire city and the top of the buildings get lost in it, making them seem like ghosts that have no end. The only thing you can make out is their lights illuminating the humidity that covers them! Hope you’re having as much fun as I am! Now I need to get some sleep so that I’ll also make it through tomorrow! Oh, and note this down! We still haven’t got past the hard part! Trip to Guangzhou is just a day away!

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