In a country far far away | Day nine

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Where a Greek need suffer much to survive, where the food is scarce and usually blunt, where the weather is heavy and the odor unbearable, and your best friend takes the form of pills, and you are longing for some caffeine where there’s none to be found, that’s about where you stop being a lil bitch and grab life from the horns. Hey guys! Sup?! Turnand here checking in once more from Hong Kong. It’s been a busy three days, I should have given you three updates for this but the struggle is real and 24 hours are never enough. Hopping on the train from Guangzhou yesterday I managed to escape the mainland (for now) and came back to the Asia’s world city! Grabbing some late night Thai, basically a degraded version of souvlaki with a ton of sauce to make it edible, I headed off to my hotel and take a heavy sleep. Those of you that follow me on Facebook already know what I’m talking about! Waking up in the morning, being the challenge that it is, I made my way downtown and had a couple of convos with I.P. Law firms, all the boring stuff for you. You know, it’s amazing how when you always plan a trip, the time is eventually never enough. But hey! The more the better! Today I set off early as usual and made my way to the expo next to the airport. Best exhibition I’ve been so far, nuff said. The epitome of organization, business only, no crowds whatsoever, the Chinese are very professional and polite, what meets the eye of course. I’ve got some great photos and videos for you guys to check out, some of it should be coming online soon enough. Then I took a seat at their startup launchpad, a very interesting experience. There was a bunch of people sharing their experience in doing business in China, some of them foreigners, some of them locals launching startups. They went through pretty much everything, from prototyping and I.P. To mass production and packaging. They even discussed about crowdfunding! Who knew….! Hats off to these gentlemen! Finishing that I rushed back downtown only to conduct another meeting with a law firm and then basically go back home, drop my stuff, to back downtown, grab some lunch, pick up my laundry and head
back home. It’s 2110 here, and I’m already tired as hell. Gonna take a shower soon and fix up my stuff cause guess what, the tire for departure is nigh, in less than 48 hours I’ll be leaving this place and in just 4 days I’ll be back home. And I’ll try to overlook the endless hours I am going to spend on the planes… Last but never least, shoutout to the team back home doing all the hard work! I miss the food (you) guys!

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