Smog, sweat and pills | Day seven

Hello! Doing good, day 1 in mainland was fine.


turnand china

Lungs and kidneys still in place. Woke up early after about six hours of sleep. Took… What else… A shower!

If you’ve been following me long enough it should be pretty obvious. And then this happened, I needed to go to canton fair but there was no taxi available. So a dude from my building took me there, Turnand made an explosive entry to the canton fair by arriving in a Porsche Cayenne turbo! To add insult to injury, I assume they thought I was somebody’s son, so they opened my door and let me into the fast track to enter the exhibition, thus, bypassing hundreds of sweaty and nervous buyers. Passing through security, which by the way are prepared to fend off an invasion, and entering the complex…. Holy sh#!t! This thing is massive… I just can’t even begin to describe it. I could just throw you a random number, but would it really give you an idea? You just walk into one of the three main halls and it’s packed with people as far as your eye can see. So I walked around checked out all the business related things. Grabbed some plastic to fill up my stomach (yeah that was a pun for McDonald’s). Then I came back to the apparat net took another shower, cause yeah. It’s so freaking hot and humid, you feel like you’ve inherited the skin of a frog. The pollution is so intense you can barely get a glimpse of the sun, visibility is down to a few kilometers, and you can’t stop coughing. Also, sleeping is another issue, the smog fucks up your respiratory. And while we’re having this nice chat I’m just taking my pills here. What pills you say? The ones that will prevent my intestines from going fire breathing dragon after he had Mexican mode. So yeah, it’s a nice city, much of a hustle to get to, walk around without google maps and what not, bad for your health, so is it worth it? You draw your own conclusions, I’m just narrating my story. It does have a nice skyline, it’s the gastronomical capital of China, but I don’t dare eat Chinese again. At night you can do what I did, take a stroll by the river or sit at a bar and drink something. There’s something for everyone! Including the tour with the boat in the river! But hey! For once more you’ve kept me up at night! It’s 03:45 and I really need to hit the bed.


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