We’re in China |Day six

china exhebition

Hdjdiejkcosimedxjaowudm!!!! Would be my thoughts if they could be translated. How come you ask?! Oh well… The title should suffice but just in case, I’ll map out my day for you. So I slept in today, had to rest so that my feet can handle canton fair, mind you, it’s times x5 larger than the one in Hong Kong! Woke up at 10, took a shower and headed downtown, took a stroll through the mall, checked things out. Ate MOUSSAKAS with Greek white wine and yoghurt with cherries! Damn meal almost put a tear in my eye. Continuing my stroll through the harbor, grabbing some last photos, heading back home and packing up my stuff. Now, get this. Hong Kong is divided in islands. Open your map and check it out. My place was at Hong Kong island. North of it is Kowloon. Now, every area has its own kind of taxi! And since my train to mainland China was departing from Kowloon I had to get either a Hong Kong can and pay him the fees for the underwater tunnel or get a Kowloon cab that had arrived in Hong Kong and was headed back. Therefore I got my stuff and went to Times Square, yeah they got that thing too, to find a huge huge line of people waiting for such a taxi. After a little while I was running out of time, it was already 19:20 , the train was departing at 20:01 and a taxi needs about 30 minutes on Fridays traffic to get there! You with me? Good! I was already sweating like a pig. So what I did is, I used the girl in front of me in the queue to explain to the rest of the queue in Chinese that I really needed to gtfo, and amazingly I convinced them, so, cutting through about 6-7 people, I grabbed the next taxi only to find myself stuck in traffic jam! There was just no flow at all… I was ready to give up and accept my defeat when it started rolling! We made it to the train station by 19:55!!! Running in I grabbed the first employee and asked him where the platform is, heart was racing, covered in sweat with my briefcase on the shoulder, my 25kg suitcase on one hand, my suits on the other along with my ticket and the passport. I made it to the boarding platform just in time! Hopping in the train I was greeted with the typical Chinese stench. Amazingly the shelf for the luggage is at 2 meters hight. Struggling with all of that, I finally sat down and relaxed a bit. Then it hit me! I am in a train in which nobody speaks English and I need to see where I’m getting off. Just passing the Chinese border there was no internet anymore. Not even a supported network! And suddenly all you thought was granted is melting away! Using another Chinese girl that spoke broken English I found my stop. Got off and then all hell broke loose. Get a cab in China…. Right! Going through the customs in the train station took me about 45 minutes. All the locals went through in 5 and the foreigners took forever, which resulted in, guess what! No available taxis! I was already running late so along with another guy we grabbed a so called “black taxi” , i.e. We payed double the fee for the ride. Arriving at my room only to have more problems come up. And I had just about enough of it! The whole area is a privately owned 35 story twin tower sort of building with fences and guards everywhere. The taxi driver wasn’t allowed in so I had to wait for the owner while the driver was shouting at the guard and vice versa in Chinese. Finally the owner came out, took me in, issued me a security card and scanned my passport and I’m all good and well, lying in my room writing this down, planning out my following days, REALLY looking forward to going back to Hong Kong and taking my pills so that the local water-food don’t mess me up. On top of it, I got wifi but for your information, no Facebook is allowed in China and add Google to that, so no cloud gmail etc, viber too! I’m only available through whatsapp. And I can’t even begin to wonder what the fuck I’m going to eat tomorrow… At least I brought enough cookies and chocolates to stuff myself for the next three days. So, here’s to being a fucking beast and tearing it up!

Oh, I’ll show you my view tomorrow!

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