Pit stop! | Day ten

turnand dubai

Hey guys, checking in from Dubai! It’s been a long three days. Finishing up with the final expo I went home and packed up. The following morning I moved into the Cosmopolitan in Hong Kong, dropping of my luggage there, I quickly made my way up to the peak! The view is just astonishing! And for the first and only time since I arrived here, the weather treated me with sunshine! Snatching some great shots, I made my way back down to the hotel where I unpacked everything and spent four hours packing it all back up and ironing my clothes (feel free to mock my ocd). Finishing with that around 2300 and having to wake up at 0400 to catch my flight, I wasn’t really interested in sleep. So I headed downtown grabbed some drinks with some locals I met a few days earlier and headed back to the hotel around 0345, grabbed my stuff, got a taxi, went to the station, took a ride in the airport express and arriving a mere hour and a half prior to my flight I rushed through the baggage drop off and security controls. Boarding the plane I managed to get some great footage during takeoff, which should be uploaded sometime in the near future. The foggy/cloudy and humid Hong Kong scenery makes for a majestic scenery on takeoff. And now I was faced with an eight and a half hour long flight… So after hitting up my “continental breakfast” comprised of fresh fruit, croissant and cupcakes I took my best shot at sleeping. Not so comfy, but being the moose that I am when it comes to sleep, I managed. Only to be woken up five minutes later so I can trash through my lunch, chicken with some red sauce, boiled carrots and okra. Arriving in Dubai, dropping of my stuff back home and heading straight out to catch a glimpse of the city. It’s even more weird coming here after Hong Kong. The main difference being, all the skyscrapers there are in “western” style and they’re everywhere. Here, the whole city is flat, and just out of nowhere some ridiculously tall building towers up like bamboo. And once you start thinking that this is all built on sand… You completely lose it…! Not to even mention the architecture! It’s an architects dream! I’ll post pictures so you guys can get a glimpse of it. Heading to the beach and grabbing some proper lunch at “cheesecake factory” it felt so good, it almost brought a tear to my stomach. Finally, back in a country where the air I’m breathing isn’t so foul as to omit my appetite. Taking a stroll under the deep blood-orange sunset and watching its reflections on the building, bringing out a distinct character in each one. Following that up with a drink at level 43 sky lounge that gives you a breathtaking view of downtown Dubai by night, and mixes it all up with taste bud blasting explosive cocktails topped up with a great Dj filling the air with some out of this world house music. But hey… It was already 2330, and all the bars and clubs in Dubai close down at 2 a.m. (true story). So we headed home and just passed away the instant I hit the bed. Now, just a while after waking up and having breakfast, drinking some COFFEE! Yes! COFFEE! And mind you, freddo espresso! Not iced coffee, no expresso or some other bullshit they’d serve you. But hey, it’s a bare 25 hours prior to hitting homeland again! So I’ll drop you off here, go take a shower and enjoy the rest of my day here. See you all soon guys!

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