We’re here! | Day Three

turnand reality

Chicken with mushroom and pepper sauce, fried potatoes, sautéed spinach and baby carrots reads the menu. I say chicken with spicy stuff and insignificant greenies. What are we talking about? The menu on EK380, the Emirates flight from Dubai to Hong Kong. Talk about wasting a whole day. But let me roll back a little, last time I checked in with you we were just about to land in Dubai. Eventually I managed to stroll out of the airport in my most glorious proud face (I had no clue that this was just the easy part). We hit a downtown open air bar-restaurant and gorged on some fried chicken and sausages that we washed away with some quality weiss. Hitting the sack a little later and waking up at 7 just to take a quick shower, head off straight to the airport and hop on to my flight, in a double decker Airbus A380. Problem being, you get on the plane in the morning and 7 hours later you arrive in Hong Kong and it’s already 21:30, then you get on the express train to the city center and by the time you get there it’s already 23:00. But you feel rewarded when the cab takes you to a night drive through the heart of the city while you jaw droopingly watch the skyscrapers towering above you with their humongous awe inducing brand names making you feel so small and powerless. But that’s about it for now. It’s already 3am and I need to be fresh for tomorrow. Expect even more exciting news by each day’s passing!

Cheerio !

Turnand Peripherals