Approximately…to nowhere | Day two

turnand travelling

It‘s 19:11 , in Greece. We’re just flying over Bahrain and should arrive in Dubai in approximately an hour and four minutes. So far it’s been a mix of tiredness and a numb mental state. I guess there’s not much to it. Unless you take into account that last night I finished packing and hit the bed at 03:30. Fine; right? But then again I was flying out at 06:30 so I had to wake up at 04:30 , take a quick shower just to get my exhausted body up and running and off to the airport.

But like any business plan; the vast majority of plans don’t survive contact with the real world. And so it happened, Murphy’s law took action, and II woke up at 05:05 , dashed out of my bed, took a 3 minute shower, poured my stuff into the briefcase and headed out like a spee

d demon to the airport; all of that under a shower of cold sweat and a fearful thought that I had not packed something vital. Arriving at the airport at 05:45, speeding through the baggage drop and the security check I barely made it on time. And then suddenly I started experiencing a much different feeling. All the anxiety and adrenaline rush suddenly retreated and gave way to a most profound feeling. Looking at the airport fading in the distance, secluded in the morning dew it occurred to me; “see you in two weeks” which was also almost instantly replaced by a dominant feeling of confidence and responsibility. Arriving in Athens a mere 50 minutes later I grabbed a bite, had a coffee and moved on to board my flight to Dubai. But hey, the captain just made an announcement. We’re inbound to land. So I’ll drop you off and return with tons of interesting content!

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