And we’re back! | Final day

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Hey guys! I’ve actually made it back home! All in one piece, safely! I should have updated you earlier but it’s been very hectic. Touring Dubai for two days was a lot of fun! On the last day we stuffed ourselves with local food. So basically what went down is that two of us sat down on a table for four, filled it all up with anything from meatballs and chicken to sauces, salads and greenies and didn’t stop for an hour and a half.
What’s great about it is that they bring you a lot of delicious spreads, so that kind of resembles Greek food, and then they initiate an endless supply of freshly baked pita-bread.So what you do, is you grab that nice warm and delicious piece of bread that’s shaped like a sphere (being hollow inside), you rip it apart with your bare hands and you start dipping it in everything you find; it’s so delicious, you don’t stop when you’re full, you stop when you’re disgusted by your own self. Finishing that up, we headed towards Dubai mall and the Burj Khalifa where we got to witness a great fountain show (more info on that coming up).So basically what happens is that they have this huge pool of water right on the feet of Burj Khalifa (mind you, that’s 830m tall), that covers an array of water cannons synced to perfection by some guy’s software, and every thirty minutes a song starts playing and they all shoot water in patterns that just blow your mind away and to heights up to 30 meters, and all of that under the coverage of disco lights. And then it gets even better by nightfall. Get this, the half of the tower that is facing the pool is actually a video wall, so the whole tower lights up and illuminates in different patterns (pictures will be provided), so basically after being paralyzed by that you just let your jaw hit the ground. Finishing that up with a couple of cold pints I headed back home, fainted on my bed only to wake up 4 hours later, pack-up my stuff, not being able to find a scale to weigh my baggage and afraid I’d exceed the 30kg limit, but still I grabbed a taxi to the airport, headed to the baggage drop off counter and witnessed the scale displaying 29.5kg (good God… I sighed!). The flight being quite ok, a usual 5hour one, sleeping it off mostly and watching a movie or two. Arriving in Athens I found myself in a two and a half hour standby time to catch the next one to Thessaloniki. But hey… I only had to relax now! So I headed to the airport lounge, treated myself with some nice appetizers, sandwiches and cookies, hit up a cup of coffee, then another cup of coffee… but hey… coffee doesn’t relax you… so the hell with it, I went ahead and poured some gin in it. Then a third cup of that… and maybe another glass of Gin and Tonic. By that time, boarding had initiated and I was just calm enough to stay awake. Making my way to the plane and hitting up another drink or two during the 40 minute flight to Thessaloniki I arrived at the airport in a ready-to-party condition only to tag along with my colleagues hit up the nearest bar and get the party going! Eventually it ended up being such a huge blast that I didn’t get the chance to go home any sooner than the following afternoon. But hey… work is of the highest priority at the moment. So we’re back in the office, brain set on overclock and counting backwards to a lot of stuff. And now I just remembered that I have to go through 10kg of brochures, leaflets and business cards… somebody spare me!!!!

Cheers to all of you guys! And thanks for the support!

#Turnand2Asia has been a success thanks to each and every one of you!

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